What is the rarest color for a diamond?

Red diamonds are the rarest of the colored diamonds

colored diamonds
Diamonds occur in a variety of colors—steel gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink to purple, brown, and black. Colored diamonds contain interstitial impurities or structural defects that cause the coloration; pure diamonds are perfectly transparent and colorless.
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, with only 20-30 existing in the entire world. They get their beautiful red color from a rare process during their formation, which changes the crystal structure of the diamond and causes light to pass through it differently than colorless diamonds.

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What is the second rarest color of diamond?

Arguably, fancy blue diamonds are the second rarest diamonds on the market. Comprising only 1% of all the mined colored diamonds in the world, blue diamonds are often associated with royalty. The color grading ranges from a very faint blue to a fancy vivid blue.

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What is the rarest diamond?

What Are the Rarest Diamond Colors?
  • Red Diamonds. The rarest of all colored diamonds, only 20 to 30 natural red diamonds exist in the entire world. ...
  • Blue Diamonds. Also incredibly rare are blue diamonds, which have only been found naturally in mines in South Africa, India, and Australia. ...
  • Pink Diamonds. ...
  • Yellow Diamonds.

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What is the prettiest diamond color?

The highest color grade for a diamond is “D”. “D” color diamonds are very rare and not commonly found in traditional jewelry. Most diamonds used in jewelry have a slight presence of color. It is possible for diamonds to have a very high concentration of desirable color.

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What is the cheapest color of diamond?

To group the colors based on prices the relatively affordable colored diamonds are grey, brown and fancy yellow. Going to mid ranging prices it can be an intense and vivid yellow diamonds and orange diamonds. A group higher in prices are pink, purple, violet, green and blue diamonds. Which are already very very rare!

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Rarest Stones In The World

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Is black diamond rare?

Why? Although most black diamonds on the market today are either superheated or irradiated to an almost black color, natural black diamonds do exist, though they are extremely rare.

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What is the most popular diamond color?

In terms of clarity, the most popular range for a diamond engagement ring is the VS1-VS2 diamond. Color is also a factor to consider when thinking about clarity. For example, it will be much easier to spot imperfections in a very clear white diamond than in a yellow diamond.

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Which Colour diamond is costly?

Red diamonds are the most expensive colored diamonds. Currently, only about 20 to 30 exist in the world. These diamonds derive their red shade during the mining formation. The process is uncommon, explaining why red diamonds are rare and extremely small in size.

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What color diamond sparkles the most?

Because diamonds reflect white light, colorless diamonds produce the best sparkle and fire. In fact, the more color a diamond has, the less likely it is to reflect white light. And as a result, will produce less sparkle. A D-color diamond is the highest quality, and will offer the greatest sparkle.

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Which diamond type looks biggest?

The four shapes that look the largest per carat are (in order of which looks the largest): marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds. Among these shapes, oval diamonds are a top choice among those who want a classic-style engagement ring, yet want to maximize the size of their engagement ring's center diamond.

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Which is the No 1 diamond?

1. The Cullinan Diamond. The world's biggest diamond is the Cullinan Diamond, discovered in the Premier Mine in South Africa in 1905. Named for the owner of the mine, Thomas Cullinan, the Cullinan Diamond was a massive 3,106 carats in its uncut state: that's 1-1/3 pounds!

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What is the most cursed diamond?

Over its 350-year history, the Hope Diamond has become one of the most famous cursed diamonds. After being stolen and recut, it is said to have contributed to the downfall and death of its owners. Discovered in India in 1673, it was originally a 115-carat blue diamond.

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What gem is rarer than diamond?


The Guinness Book of World Records claimed that in 2005, painite was the rarest gemstone in the world, even rarer than diamonds. The color can vary anywhere from pink to reddish, and even brown in color, but can even appear green under certain lighting.

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Is Rainbow diamond rare?

Seen in practically every color of the rainbow, colored diamonds are far rarer than diamonds in the D-to-Z color range. Only one out of 10,000 carats of fashioned diamonds displays fancy color, and a diamond's chances of displaying intense color are even less – one in 25,000.

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How rare is a purple diamond?

But you probably don't know much about purple diamonds, which combine the peacefulness of blue with the sweetness of pink. That's because purple diamonds and violet diamonds are exceedingly rare. In fact they are so rare that a pure purple diamond of only 1.99 carats recently sold at auction for $673,000.

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Who owns the rarest diamond?

Kohinoor is the most expensive diamond in the world. As per reports, the oval 109 carat diamond weighs 21.6 grams and is the main diamond of the British Crown. Its origin is traced back to India with Queen Elizabeth II being the current owner of the diamond. Due to its uniqueness, the diamond is said to be priceless.

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Which diamond cut is the cheapest?

Radiant Cut

Radiant are square or rectangular brilliant-cut diamonds with cut corners. They are often the most affordable diamond shapes.

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Which diamond cut shines the most?

The standard round cut diamond comprises 57 facets (58 including one on the bezel). This cut heightens the diamond's sparkle and shine. Because round diamonds have the largest number of facets, they create the most sparkle.

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What are the 3 types of diamonds?

The 3 types of real diamonds that exist are mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds and fancy coloured diamonds. Each type offers different benefits, qualities, prices and properties, which we'll cover in detail below.

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Why is Black diamond cheap?

Black diamonds are cheaper than white diamonds. This is partly because many of the black diamonds are in fact created in a laboratory nowadays. Natural black diamonds, however, are very rare.

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What diamond color and clarity is best?

Among white diamonds, D color diamonds are of the highest grade. D color diamonds are in the "colorless" range on a diamond color scale along with E color diamonds and F color diamonds. Fancy color diamonds such as yellow or pink diamonds have their own color grades.

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What is the best quality Colour diamond?

D colour diamond is the highest grade and is extremely rare—the highest colour grade that money can buy.

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What is the purest color of diamond?

The purest of pure diamonds should technically transmit visible light and appear as a clear colorless crystal.

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Is G or I color diamond better?

Why is G the most popular color grade for diamond engagement rings? G-color is the top diamond color grade in the near-colorless color range. These are diamonds that professionals can tell have a slight tint of color but that appear colorless to the rest of us.

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Are blood diamonds still a thing?

Diamonds that fuel civil wars are often called "blood" or "conflict" diamonds. Although many diamond-fueled wars have now ended, conflict diamonds remain a serious problem.

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