Calendar UK is a calendar website made the United Kingdom, for people with British relatives or for anybody who plans to travel to the UK. The UK calendars are available in yearly and monthly formats. The calendars include national holidays, local holidays for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as other holidays and important dates that are observed in the UK.


Besides the regular annual and monthly 2023 calendar2024 calendar and onwards, there are many other calendars and calendar templates available. Some examples are a shopping calendar with all relevant shopping dates in the UK, a Saints calendar with all UK Saints and blessed, a lunar calendar and schedule calendar templates for business, school and other purposes.


There is a special section for school calendars. Besides the regular bank holidays and local holidays, these calendars show the school vacations for any coucil in the UK.


The website offers a tool to configure your own calendar. Users can choose a country (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales) and whether to include national, local holidays and or school holidays. The customized calendar can be printed, shared or synchronized with MS Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple iCal for use on computer, mobile phone or tablet.





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