When God is silent during difficult times?

Keep Talking to God. Just because God seems silent doesn't mean you should doubt Him or stop praying. God's silence isn't a license for us to turn our backs on Him. Instead, it's an invitation to press forward and seek Him even more diligently.

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What to do when you feel God is silent?

pour out your heart before him;

Trust that he hears you, take refuge in his faithfulness, and know that behind every heavy silence is a mighty God who loves you.

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When God is present but silent?

God Is Near

But through faith, we can affirm God's loving presence, even when he seems silent and we feel deserted. “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you” (James 4:8) is a promise God will not break, despite how we feel.

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What does the silence of God means?

Silence never means that God is not there. He, of course, is always there. Silence is a test of obedience. It is an indication from God that it is now your turn to make the next move.

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Why is silence important to God?

Silence allows a connection to God beyond what words can express. It is a special gift for us to cultivate and use to aid our faith.

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WHEN GOD IS SILENT | Stay Strong - Inspirational & Motivational Video

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Why is silence so powerful?

Silence can be a very powerful way to “be” with another person, especially when they are troubled. It can communicate acceptance of the other person as they are as of a given moment, and particularly when they have strong feelings like sorrow, fear or anger.

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Why is silence the most powerful?

Silence creates an environment conducive to focus and concentration, allowing you to perform tasks more effectively. One of the major reasons why silence has become an important part of everyday life is the ability to focus as the modern world and its various noises enter your brain all at once.

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What is the power of silent prayer?

Silent Prayer Transforms Us

For an evangelical movement that is sometimes labeled as self-righteous, hypocritical, or judgmental, this surrender of our self-images to a merciful God could lead to profound transformation that makes us more compassionate toward others.

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What is the message of silence?

The silence of God – or the deafness of man – is the theme of Martin Scorsese's epic new film about an ordeal of belief and the mysterious, ambiguous heroism involved in humiliation and collaboration.

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What is the power of silence means?

The psychological benefits of experiencing silence—even when it makes us uncomfortable—can mean more purposeful living. Silence can increase self-awareness, self-compassion and improve decision-making skills with improved mental clarity. Use it to become more mindful and self-compassionate.

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What does silent mean spiritual?

“Being quiet is, in some way, equivalent to keeping your mouth shut—not making your voice heard. But being silent is more about entering a sacred place within yourself,” she says. “When you're silent, an inner sanctuary opens up and your mind calms down and is freed from the endless cycle of thinking.

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When God is silent reflection?

It's essential to understand that at times God appears to be silent. This is an act of deep love on His part because it is actually an invitation to turn to Him on a very deep level. God's silence allows us to move from a faith fed by accolades and emotion to a faith fostered by pure trust in His mercy.

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When God's silent is he working?

The first thing we need to remember when God is silent is that God is still working. The popular song Waymaker by Sinach highlights this when it says, “Even when I don't feel it, You're working. Even when I can't see it, You're working. You never stop, You never stop working.”

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How can I hear God in difficult times?

How to practice listening prayer
  1. Come to God with your request for guidance. ...
  2. Wait in silence for God to speak for 10-12 minutes. ...
  3. Jot down any Scripture, songs, impressions, or pictures God gives you. ...
  4. Share how God spoke to you with your prayer partners and follow God's will.

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How to meet God in silence?

8 Steps in Meeting God in Silence and Solitude
  1. Pay attention to what's stirring in your soul. ...
  2. Incorporate silence and solitude into your life regularly. ...
  3. Overcome resistance. ...
  4. Seek rest for your body, mind, and soul. ...
  5. Let emptiness lead you to God's fulfillment. ...
  6. Face yourself as you really are, and let God help you.

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How do you wait on God in silence?

  1. Start small. Sitting in silence for just five minutes at a time is enough to begin with.
  2. Have a physical way to let yourself know that it's time for silence. ...
  3. Focus on your breathing, or your heartbeat, or the feeling of your hands touching your chair. ...
  4. Give yourself grace and keep going.

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What is the secret of silence?

Through silence you can realize the quiet witness within you. That silence is the spirit or awareness. Your awareness is silent. It never tells you anything.

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What is the role of silence in life?

Being silent allows us to channel our energies. It gives us the clarity we need to calmly face challenges and uncertainty. The hour of silence I practice each morning, and encourage you to practice as well, can be a time for collecting our thoughts, training our minds, and deciding how we want to enter into the day.

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Why is it important to break the silence?

Yet these moments of breaking the silence are key to our wellbeing. It is often in talking that we begin the process of self-understanding and where we've been struggling, these times of sharing become important milestones. “What happens when people open their hearts?" "They get better.”

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What are two possible reasons for God's silence when you pray?

Sometimes God is silent because we aren't ready for the message. He wants to talk to us about something, but we aren't ready. We have to go through refining trials to make us ready to listen. God is sometimes silent because He knows we aren't willing to obey.

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Why is silence important in worship?

Silence allows us to center ourselves and prepare to meet with God. Silence calls us out of the noise of the world and acts as a threshold into the holy space of worship.

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What does the Bible say about silence?

Scripture tells us that silence can help us avoid sinning (Proverbs 10:19), gain respect (Proverbs 11:12), and is deemed wise and intelligent (Proverbs 17:28). In other words, you may be blessed by holding your tongue. Ultimately, refraining from speaking in certain situations means we are practicing self-control.

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When silence speaks louder than words?

Silence speaks volumes when they don't recognize, acknowledge, or refuse to understand. It's the loudest sound there is when words do not adequately express thoughts to deaf ears. It speaks through the hurt when it's too painful to talk. It lets them know they've hurt you, not even sure if they are aware or even care.

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Does silence give you power?

Being silent allows us to channelise our energies. It gives us the clarity to face adversities calmly and think clearly. Intentional silence also cultivates more awareness within us.

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