What's the difference between popcorn and regular bud?

Popcorn is flower that is smaller than full nugs but larger than shake. These flowers usually grow under the primary colas and receive less light. The reduced light and nutrients ensure that they don't grow as large as full nugs.

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Are popcorn buds as good as regular buds?

Try thESE Buds at Your Local Dispensary

Popcorn buds might not be as potent as full nugs, but they are still highly versatile and of good quality. They can fit the needs of even the most budget-conscious cannabis user.

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Are popcorn buds less potent?

But popcorn buds are also inferior to top-end nugs in potency and flavor, because they grow at the bottom of the plant, closer to the soil and farther from the sunlight. This essentially stunts their growth, since the lower end of the stalk isn't getting the same amount of light and nutrients.

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What makes popcorn buds?

What Causes Popcorn Buds? Stress is the number one cause of popcorn buds. Any kind of stress, be it from poor watering, a lack or excess of nutrients, the environment, pests, plagues, or improper care, can affect a plant's ability to grow big, dense flowers.

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What is popcorn strain?

One of the lesser-known strains, many misassociate this indica-dominant hybrid with the “popcorn buds” used to describe poorer quality cannabis harvested towards the bottom of the plant. Popcorn Kush, however, is a strong strain packed into small, dense buds that resemble and taste like popcorn.

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What Are Popcorn Buds? | Discover Marijuana

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Can you smoke popcorn buds?

Even though they aren't as potent or as sought after as the top colas, popcorn buds can still be smoked like any other flower. Many growers distribute popcorn buds at a lower price point since they are often given a lower grade in trichome and THC content.

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Are small buds more potent?

Both large and small buds can have the same amount of THC and CBD content if they're the same strain. Therefore the potency of either size of nugs should be the exact same! There's some speculation that smalls have less THC content, but this usually isn't the case.

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Are big nugs or small nugs better?

Typically small nugs are around the size of a marble or a dime. But despite their tiny stature, they hold all the same potency, smell, flavor, and THC content as larger buds. Whatever you're getting from the rest of the plant is exactly what you're getting in your small nugs.

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Why all my buds are small?

Environmental Factors are Important for the Cannabis Plant

Another reason that a cannabis plant may have small buds is due to environmental factors. If the plant is not getting enough light, it will stretch out in search of more. This can lead to a large plant, but small buds that are spread out along the stem.

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Why are small nugs cheaper?

That being said, in most scenarios popcorn nugs are the same quality as their larger, more appealing full-flower counterparts. Because they don't have the same bag appeal as larger, structured nugs most dispensaries will sell them at a discounted rate.

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What is the strongest type of bud?

Godfather OG is quite possibly the highest THC strain. Labs put the strain's THC levels at a tremendous 30-35%. In fact, Godfather OG is touted as the world's strongest marijuana strain. This potent strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid and hits within minutes of taking the first smoke.

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Are dense or fluffy buds better?


These flowers simply hold more mass, look much healthier, and smoke smoother. Grinding up dense cannabis flowers seems to almost double their size. Even a small chunk of a compact flower can grind down to fill a good-sized joint. In contrast, fluffy buds yield disappointment and less plant matter.

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Are dense nugs better?

Dense, firm cannabis buds tend to put more weight on the scales than airy buds and are generally preferred by most cannabis growers. Drop a dank, dense nug on your table and you can hear a satisfying ping as it hits the surface, perhaps with some trichomes flying off.

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What are the 4 types of buds?

Terminal: located near the shoot tip and associated with plant growth. Axillary: located in the axis between a leaf and a stem may form lateral branches, leaves, or flowers. Collateral: two or more axillary buds arranged sideways. Superposed: two or more axillary buds arranged vertically.

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Do buds grow bigger?

It is not difficult to get big buds if you know how to properly set-up and maintain your plants. Essentially, successful growth of big buds comes down to manipulating the growth of your plant, getting it some good light, and making sure it has the right nutrients.

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What are the 3 types of buds?

Terminal Buds: When the bud is located at the tip of a stem. Axillary Bud: When the bud is located in the axil of a leaf. Adventitious Bud: When the bud is occurring elsewhere like on the trunk or on roots.

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How do you get big solid buds?

Grow More Big Buds Indoors
  1. Turn Up The Lights. ...
  2. Change Nutrients for Each Stage. ...
  3. Train Your Plants. ...
  4. Bone Up On Your Feeding. ...
  5. Control Temperature and Humidity. ...
  6. Pump Up CO2. ...
  7. Be Patient.

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What helps buds get bigger?

Feeding with carbohydrates

Another type of supplement that can help increase bud density and create huge buds is sugar-based additives. These products contain carbohydrates that can provide your plants with all the energy that they need to grow larger and denser buds.

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How do I make my buds bigger and fatter?

8 tips on how to grow the fattest buds
  1. Different kinds of lighting. ...
  2. Pruning young plants into a SoG or ScroG setup. ...
  3. Bruising or supercropping main buds. ...
  4. Topping or fimming of the main buds. ...
  5. Removing old/unnecessary leaves and small buds. ...
  6. Making sure to provide the right nutrients by giving fertilizer.

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Are top buds more potent?

Testing for Truth Results: Confirmed

The top of the plant did indeed have more potent buds. The average potency was about 15% higher than the middle or bottom. Note that while the weight percent results look low here, keep in mind these are untrimmed flowers.

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Why are buds better than shake?

Potency: Buds are generally more potent than shake, as they contain a higher concentration of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Quality: Buds are typically of higher quality than shake, as they are more intact and have not been broken down into smaller pieces.

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Do you need to grind nugs?

While grinding isn't necessary to enjoy smoking it, grinding it gives you an overall better experience for several reasons: It's faster, easier, and cleaner than using your fingers or kitchen utensils. It's easier to roll and makes smoother joints or blunts that burn evenly.

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Are smalls the same as popcorn?

Synonyms for Smalls

While the term “smalls” is popular lingo used amongst budtenders and consumers, there are other names it is called. The term “popcorn” or “minis” is also used to describe them. Additionally, some dispensaries even make up their own word. An example of this would be Trulieve's “TruMinis.”

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How long does it take for buds to get big?

The flowering period for Indica strains is typically around 8 weeks, but it may take up to 10 weeks. Sativa strains may take up to 10-12 weeks. Typically, hybrid strains will take up to 6-10 weeks to fully develop.

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Will buds fatten up?

Weeks 4-6: Buds Fatten Up

At this stage of cannabis flowering, your buds are getting bigger. They'll still have all the white pistils sticking out, but you'll be able to see the buds getting bigger every day.

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