What is the controversy around ADHD?

ADHD has been a subject of great controversy and debate. A number of people who have been diagnosed with the syndrome—some of them psychologists and psychiatrists—have challenged the notion that personality traits such as inattentiveness, impulsivity, and distractibility deserve the label symptoms.

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What is the controversy about ADHD?

Positions range from the view that ADHD is within the normal range of behavior to the hypothesis that ADHD is a genetic condition. Other areas of controversy include the use of stimulant medications in children, the method of diagnosis, and the possibility of overdiagnosis.

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What is the controversy of treatment for ADHD?

The prescription of stimulant medication for children with ADHD has been one of the most controversial issues in child psychiatry. Some sectors have demonized stimulant medication, charging that parents and physicians are being grossly negligent in prescribing such “dangerous” drugs.

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Is ADHD a controversial disability?

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a highly controversial psychological disorder.

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What are some stigmas of ADHD?

Why does ADHD carry a stigma? Despite evidence to the contrary, many people still don't believe that ADHD is a bona fide medical condition. They see it as an excuse for sloppiness or laziness. The fact that ADHD symptoms appear to come and go, depending on the situation, only feeds the doubters' contempt.

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ADHD: Controversy, Key Research Findings, Rising Prevalence, and Promise

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Are people with ADHD discriminated against?

“I was told by the senior manager of a neurodevelopmental children's service that I shouldn't be a nurse if I have ADHD.” While ADHD is a protected disability, many adults say they've experienced discrimination at work because of their disorder.

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What is the burden of ADHD disease?

Analysis revealed a substantial economic impact associated with ADHD. Estimates based on total costs ranged from $US831. 38 to 20,538 for per person estimates and from $US356 million to 20.27 billion for national estimates.

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Why is ADHD not taken seriously?

“Nobody has perfect memory… but for [people with ADHD], it's extreme. They feel like they're lost all the time,” Almagor said. He believes this is why people don't take ADHD seriously. “I think that's why some people don't respect the severity of what [a person with ADHD] can experience,” he said.

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Is ADHD being overdiagnosed?

Issues with overtreatment

Although it is true that overdiagnosis means that some people without ADHD receive treatment, on the whole, people with ADHD are actually undertreated. Most treatment guidelines point to the benefit of both medication and behavioral and lifestyle interventions.

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Is ADHD considered mentally challenged?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disability condition that is characterized by excessive impulsivity and hyperactivity. Those with ADHD may also have problems focusing on particular tasks or exhibit high inattention levels as well.

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Why do some psychologists not believe in ADHD?

For some people, ADHD still does not exist. The most common reason behind their scepticism is, “Everybody has those symptoms. If we search for those ADHD symptoms in people, then everybody has ADHD”.

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Why is ADHD medication stigmatized?

People may mistrust best practice guidelines around ADHD, including medications that experts often recommend. And parents sometimes decline to pursue diagnosis and treatment for their children. They may be hesitant because they feel some treatments could affect a child's growth.

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Why is ADHD considered a mental illness?

Frequently Asked Questions. Is ADHD considered a mental illness or disorder? ADHD is considered a psychiatric disorder because its symptoms involve mental functioning and cause significant impairment.

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What is the hardest thing about ADHD?

“The hardest thing about ADHD is that it's 'invisible' to outsiders. It's not like other conditions that people can clearly see. People just assume that we are not being good parents and that our child is a brat, when they don't have an idea how exhausted we truly are.” —⁠⁠Sara C.

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What is actually happening with ADHD?

ADHD is associated with abnormally low levels of the neurotransmitters transmitting between the prefrontal cortical area and the basal ganglia i.e., dopamine and noradrenaline. Dopamine is closely associated with reward centers in the brain, and also interacts with other potent neurotransmitters to regulate mood.

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What are 3 reasons ADHD is overdiagnosed?

The causes of overdiagnosis may include changes in diagnostic thresholds, poor diagnostic practices, and advertising by the pharmaceutical industry. Overdiagnosis leads to overtreatment, and dramatic increases in prescriptions for adult ADHD during the last decade should arouse concern.

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Is ADHD a real disorder yes?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood neurodevelopmental disorders. Children with ADHD often have difficulty with inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Kids usually receive a diagnosis during childhood, and the condition often lasts into adulthood.

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Is ADHD underdiagnosed in Australia?

Professor Coghill said the study suggests that ADHD might be over-diagnosed in the US, but under-diagnosed in other countries, including Australia. When left untreated ADHD can have serious and far-reaching consequences for adults.

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Are people with ADHD problematic?

Adult ADHD can lead to unstable relationships, poor work or school performance, low self-esteem, and other problems.

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Why are people with ADHD so successful?

Why Are There So Many Successful People with ADHD? It is known that people with ADHD have specific strengths, as a result of their brain functioning difference. They are more spontaneous, creative, energetic, intuitive, imaginative, and inventive.

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Why is life so hard with ADHD?

ADHD can make you forgetful and distracted. You're also likely to have trouble with time management because of your problems with focus. All of these symptoms can lead to missed due dates for work, school, and personal projects.

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How common is ADHD in Australia?

Around 1 in every 20 Australians has ADHD. While ADHD is more common in boys — it's under diagnosed in girls and adults. More than 3 in 4 children diagnosed with ADHD still have symptoms as an adult.

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Why is ADHD becoming common?

Rather, the rise seems to be due to an increase in access to healthcare; a decrease in stigmatization about receiving mental health care; and greater awareness of the symptoms of ADHD among clinicians, guardians, educators, and patients. In the past, ADHD was only diagnosed in children who were hyperactive.

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Which country has the highest ADHD rate?

The highest rates emerged from Africa (8.5%) and South America (11.8%). Corroboration comes from a dimensional ADHD scale used in 21 countries. Japanese and Finnish children scored lowest, Jamaican and Thai children scored highest, and American children scored about average (7).

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