Did Daemon always love Rhaenyra?

It is well known that Dameon is in love with Rhaenyra. But his love was not restricted to her. He was an ambitious man who thought of himself as more deserving of the throne; he wanted that as well, in the pursuit of which his feelings for his niece were just a means to an end.

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Was Daemon faithful to Rhaenyra?

He was unfaithful to his third wife, Rhaenyra Targaryen, taking Mysaria and possibly Nettles as his lovers. Daemon made many friends in King's Landing, especially in Flea Bottom, and among the gold cloaks, as well as in Pentos. However, he was intensely disliked by Ser Otto Hightower.

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Do Daemon and Rhaenyra fall in love?

Soon after being widowed, Daemon and Rhaenyra marry each other in secret when he is 39 years old, and she is 23. Their marriage causes a huge scandal at court and another rift between Daemon and Viserys, but it is eventually accepted. The couple has two sons together, Aegon and Viserys.

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Does Daemon care about Rhaenyra?

Turns out, Rhaenyra and Daemon are endgame, meaning they have a sexually tense relationship, eventually hook up, and get married—which is pretty significant from a power play perspective considering (1) they both want the throne and (2) their Targaryen union is almost sure to guarantee that happens—even though Alicent ...

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Does Daemon love Rhaenyra in the books?

Yes they did actually love each other. He definitely loved Rhaenyra that much is clear and I honestly believe he loved her until the end (his death). He wasn't faithful but he did love her more than any other woman he has ever been with.

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House of the Dragon | Daemon and Rhaenyra Intimate Bond Explained

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Who did Rhaenyra love the most?

Although she has married another and had other lovers, she clearly has a crush on her uncle, whom she secretly marries (after becoming a widow and mistress). Initially married to Rhea Royce, whom he kills to be free, he marries Laena Velaryon, with whom he has two daughters and lives well.

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Why did Daemon kiss Rhaenyra?

It is only after this realization that Rhaenyra makes her first move on Daemon, instigating with a kiss after she affirms to him that she is no longer a child.

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Why did daemon grab Rhaenyra's face?

Daemon strangled Rhaenyra because he felt betrayed by Viserys. “It's a moment that I think is surprising and shocking for Daemon as a character, but I also think it's one of those things that's been set up over the course of the entire season.

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Who did Daemon Targaryen love?

After the beginning of Daemon and Rhaenyra's marriage played offscreen, viewers were able to return to the story to see the pair after they'd established their life together. It's obvious that in that time, the two gained an awareness of both themselves and each other.

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Did daemon set Rhaenyra up?

Daemon Targaryen seduced his niece Rhaenyra and then walked away before going through with it. Rhaenrya slept with her bodyguard, King Viserys finally fired Otto Hightower…it was an intense one!

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Why did daemon cheat on Rhaenyra?

Why Daemon Cheats On Rhaenyra In HOTD's Future. The unpredictable Daemon has always been someone who seeks excitement, with the character quickly becoming bored in what he may perceive as monotony.

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Did daemon cheat on Rhaenyra with nettles?

Sure he had a duty to his wife and children, but having an affair with Nettles while they were on the campaign isn't really neglecting that duty. Actually, it is. Rhaenyra had the right to take Daemon's head for this.

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Why did Daemon stop with Rhaenyra?

When she was 17, Daemon tried to seduce her in a brothel as a ploy to have her virtue questioned and make Viserys marry her to him. However, realizing Rhaenyra was actually excited by his sexual advances and that he actually had feelings for her, Daemon stopped and abandoned her.

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What is the age difference between daemon and Rhaenyra?

In the book, she's nine years older than Princess Rhaenyra, but in Dragon they're meant to be around the same age: 15 years old as of episode 1, then roughly 17 or 18 during episodes 3-5.

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Is Daemon Targaryen impotent?

Daemon's impotence gives him an all-too-human weakness. It proves he has vulnerabilities and insecurities. It shows that he is more than the iconic “Rogue Prince” of George R.R. Martin's books; he is a man with flaws.

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Did Daemon love Rhaenyra or Leana?

Daemon Targaryen, who once went on a suicidal mission against Craghas Drahar and the entire Triarchy, calmed himself down and became a loyal husband and father. He tried to be worthy of Laena and their children. It could only be because he loved her and them. Him loving another does not change that.

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Did Ser Criston Cole love Rhaenyra?

Ser Criston Cole, we have to understand, was never a good guy. He wasn't an honorable knight who went over to the dark side. He merely wore a chivalrous façade. He didn't want Rhaenyra to run away with him because he loved her despite his claims to marry “for love.” Nor was he heartbroken over her refusal.

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Does Daemon leave Rhaenyra?

Rhaenyra and Daemon Fully End Up Together

They both married other people, popped out a few kids, but their story is far from over.

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Did daemon choke Rhaenyra in the books?

In one of the scenes, Daemon is shown choking his wife, also the protagonist, Rhaenyra. Talking about the scene, Emma D'Arcy, who plays Rhaenyra, attributed Daemon's violence to grief over Viserys' death. Emma D'Arcy stated that they knew that the scene would mark a significant shift in their relationship.

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Is daemon a groomer?

Rhaenyra's new actor Emma, who has taken over the role following the 10-year time jump, has insisted that Daemon and Rhaenyra's relationship is a 'grooming scenario'. 'The idea that a teenage girl is in any way able to consent to that sexual interaction is a mess,' Emma told The Independent.

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Who is rhaenyra targaryen true love?

In the books, however, Rhaenyra was in love with Daemon and ​had​​ always been besotted with him. Things changed, however, after she met Criston Cole. Nevertheless, George R. R. Martin's books show that Rhaenyra's first love was Daemon.

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Who did Rhaenyra sleep with?

Rhaenyra sleeps with Ser Criston Cole, Otto Hightower spills

He initially tells the princess to stop but soon accepts her advances, and the two sleep together.

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Did Rhaenyra love Daemon or Harwin?

Rhaenyra is in lust with Daemon and wants him for political power but she genuinely trusted and loved Harwin enough to risk everything because she didn't trust any other man but him to be her lover after Crispy Cole; change my mind.

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What happens to Rhaenyra's lover?

Like so many things in Rhaenyra's life, her relationship with Harwin also does not end happily, at least in the book. After a fight sparked by more accusations that Harwin fathered Rhaenyra's sons, he is removed as her sworn shield. He dies later that year, along with his father, in a terrible fire at Harrenhal.

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