Western Australia Day 2021, 2022 and onwards

Western Australia Day : First Monday in June

Western Australia Day or WA Day (till 2011 known as Foundation Day) is a local public holiday that takes place each year on the first Monday in June. Western Australia is logically the only state where the holiday is observed. It is also the only state in the country that has a public holiday related to its foundation.


The origin of the state of Western Australia goes back to 1829. A British vessel under command of Captain Charles Fremantle arrived on April 25 on the shores of Western Australia. On 2 May he officially claimed the land for Great Britain. Two other navy ships arrived on June 1 and June 6 respectively, carrying soldiers, officials and citizens to colonize the area. The Swan River Colony was officially proclaimed on June 11. Just two months later on August 12 the Colony's capital, the city of Perth, was founded.


In 1834, just 5 years after the arrival of the British, officials in the Swan River Colony decided an annual celebration was necessary to strengthen the community and to unite all habitants of all classes in the colony. June 1 was chosen as the date for the occasion and the name of the holiday became "Foundation Day". The date was not only to remember the arrival of first colonists in Western Australia but also as a reference to an important British Naval victory over the French Atlantic fleet that occurred on the same date in 1794: the Glorious First of June.


In 2011 the Foundation Day public holiday was renamed as Western Australia Day or WA Day. This might look like a symbolic act but what is important is that it recognises the aboriginals as the original habitants of the land. The intention of the new name is to make the celebration of the achievements of the state of Western Australia more meaningful and more inclusive for all inhabitants of the state.


HolidayDateWeek numberDays to go
Western Australia Day 2021June 7, 2021 Monday23-
Western Australia Day 2022June 6, 2022 Monday23224
Western Australia Day 2023June 5, 2023 Monday23588
Western Australia Day 2024June 3, 2024 Monday23952
Western Australia Day 2025June 2, 2025 Monday231316
Western Australia Day 2026June 1, 2026 Monday231680
Western Australia Day 2027June 7, 2027 Monday232051
Western Australia Day 2028June 5, 2028 Monday232415
Western Australia Day 2029June 4, 2029 Monday232779
Western Australia Day 2030June 3, 2030 Monday233143
Western Australia Day 2031June 2, 2031 Monday233507
Western Australia Day 2032June 7, 2032 Monday243878
Western Australia Day 2033June 6, 2033 Monday234242
Western Australia Day 2034June 5, 2034 Monday234606
Western Australia Day 2035June 4, 2035 Monday234970

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