Picnic Day 2019, 2020 and onwards

Pinic Day Northern Territory : First Monday in August

 Picnic Day is a local public holiday in the Northern Territory in Australia. The holiday is observed annually on the first Monday in August.


The origin of the Northern Territory Picnic Day is not completely clear. According to one source on Picnic Day the freeing of approximately 3000 Chinese Coolie workers is commemorated. The Chinese Coolies (they were actually slaves) provided the cheap labour for the construction of the North Australian Railway, a track that connected the cities of Darwin and Larrimah. After completion in 1889 the workers were given the right to stay in Australia as free citizens and received sufficient money for a passage by steamboat to Hong Kong. However the Chinese went to the Adelaide River for a picnic instead.


Another source relates Picnic Day as well with the North Australian Railway. It mentions that the day was originally installed for the hard working rail workers to enjoy a picnic on the Adelaide River.


A last source states that Picnic Day has originated from a race meeting in 1947. The event was such a success that it became an annual tradition now known as the Harts Range annual races. An application was presented to the Northern Territory administration for a public holiday coinciding with the future dates of the Harts Range races. The administration agreed to it and baptized the day as the Northern Territory Picnic Day.


Nowadays Picnic Day in the Northern Territory above all, is a long weekend to relax or enjoy a short trip. However both the railway picnic and the Hart Range races remain popular activities during Picnic Day and the weekend before Picnic Day.


HolidayDateWeek numberDays to go
Picnic Day 2019August 5, 2019 Monday32-
Picnic Day 2020August 3, 2020 Monday32318
Picnic Day 2021August 2, 2021 Monday31682
Picnic Day 2022August 1, 2022 Monday311046
Picnic Day 2023August 7, 2023 Monday321417
Picnic Day 2024August 5, 2024 Monday321781
Picnic Day 2025August 4, 2025 Monday322145
Picnic Day 2026August 3, 2026 Monday322509
Picnic Day 2027August 2, 2027 Monday312873
Picnic Day 2028August 7, 2028 Monday323244
Picnic Day 2029August 6, 2029 Monday323608
Picnic Day 2030August 5, 2030 Monday323972
Picnic Day 2031August 4, 2031 Monday324336
Picnic Day 2032August 2, 2032 Monday324700
Picnic Day 2033August 1, 2033 Monday315064

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