New Year's Eve 2024, 2025 and onwards

New Year's Eve Australia: December 31

The last day of the year, December 31 is when Australians all over the country wave good bye to the old year and welcome the New Year.


New Year's Day in Australia is, like in all countries that use the Gregorian Calendar, celebrated on January 1. Although New Year's Eve is not an official holiday, many people in Australia take the day off in order to spend time with their friends and family and to make preparations for the count down to the New Year.


HolidayDateWeek numberDays to go
New Year's Eve 2024December 31, 2024 Tuesday011328
New Year's Eve 2025December 31, 2025 Wednesday011693
New Year's Eve 2026December 31, 2026 Thursday532058
New Year's Eve 2027December 31, 2027 Friday522423
New Year's Eve 2028December 31, 2028 Sunday522789
New Year's Eve 2029December 31, 2029 Monday013154
New Year's Eve 2030December 31, 2030 Tuesday013519
New Year's Eve 2031December 31, 2031 Wednesday013884
New Year's Eve 2032December 31, 2032 Friday534250
New Year's Eve 2033December 31, 2033 Saturday524615
New Year's Eve 2034December 31, 2034 Sunday524980
New Year's Eve 2035December 31, 2035 Monday015345
New Year's Eve 2036December 31, 2036 Wednesday015711
New Year's Eve 2037December 31, 2037 Thursday536076
New Year's Eve 2038December 31, 2038 Friday526441

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