Green Monday 2022, 2023 and onwards

Green Monday Australia : Second Monday in December

Green Monday in Australia occurs each year on the second Monday in December. For the offline world, the last Saturday before Christmas normally is the busiest day of the year. Green Monday is the online version: it is one of the busiest online shopping days of the year in the country. Where Cyber Monday in Australia marks the online start of the holiday shopping season, Green Monday is popular with last minute shoppers.


HolidayDateWeek numberDays to go
Green Monday 2022December 12, 2022 Monday5015
Green Monday 2023December 11, 2023 Monday50379
Green Monday 2024December 9, 2024 Monday50743
Green Monday 2025December 8, 2025 Monday501107
Green Monday 2026December 14, 2026 Monday511478
Green Monday 2027December 13, 2027 Monday501842
Green Monday 2028December 11, 2028 Monday502206
Green Monday 2029December 10, 2029 Monday502570
Green Monday 2030December 9, 2030 Monday502934
Green Monday 2031December 8, 2031 Monday503298
Green Monday 2032December 13, 2032 Monday513669
Green Monday 2033December 12, 2033 Monday504033
Green Monday 2034December 11, 2034 Monday504397
Green Monday 2035December 10, 2035 Monday504761
Green Monday 2036December 8, 2036 Monday505125

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