Cyber Monday 2020, 2021 and onwards

Cyber Monday Australia : Tuesday (!) after Thanksgiving USA

Cyber Monday is originally an American online shopping phenomenon. Online stores noted increased traffic to their sites on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. Many people go online to redeem gift vouchers, coupons or for bargain hunting or just to avoid the crowd Black Friday is famous for. The e-tailers responded to it, offering special sales on this day and Cyber Monday was born.


Many American online stores offer Cyber Monday deals to all countries they ship to. Because of the time difference Cyber Monday in Australia is actually Cyber Tuesday.


In order to respond to the pressure of large American online stores and to create an Australian national online shopping event, Click Frenzy introduced Cyber Monday (or actually Cyber Tuesday) in Australia in 2012. The first edition of Cyber Monday had a dramatic and controversial start. Due to high volumes of traffic, the website was down during a big part of the day resulting in frustrated users complaining on social media. However the common opinion is that Australia should host its own national online sales event and Cyber Monday Australia is here to stay.


Cyber Monday is gaining momentum, not only in Australia, but also in many countries around the world. In most cases, Cyber Monday is not related to Thanksgiving but it is merely used to promote online shopping in general. Besides that it is the perfect kick-start for the shopping period before Christmas.




HolidayDateWeek numberDays to go
Cyber Monday 2020December 29, 2020 Tuesday53206
Cyber Monday 2021December 28, 2021 Tuesday52570
Cyber Monday 2022December 27, 2022 Tuesday52934
Cyber Monday 2023December 2, 2023 Saturday481274
Cyber Monday 2024December 31, 2024 Tuesday011669
Cyber Monday 2025December 30, 2025 Tuesday012033
Cyber Monday 2026December 29, 2026 Tuesday532397
Cyber Monday 2027December 28, 2027 Tuesday522761
Cyber Monday 2028December 2, 2028 Saturday483101
Cyber Monday 2029December 1, 2029 Saturday483465
Cyber Monday 2030December 31, 2030 Tuesday013860
Cyber Monday 2031December 30, 2031 Tuesday014224
Cyber Monday 2032December 28, 2032 Tuesday534588
Cyber Monday 2033December 27, 2033 Tuesday524952
Cyber Monday 2034December 2, 2034 Saturday485292

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