Christmas Eve 2018, 2019 and onwards

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Christmas Eve Australia : December 24

Christmas Eve in Australia occurs each year on December 24. In most states and territories Christmas Eve is not an official public holiday. However many people leave work early or take the entire day off to make the necessary preparations for Christmas Eve or to do some last minute shopping. On the night before Christmas Day, many families come together to celebrate Christmas. Part of the celebrations is the traditional Christmas meal and exchanging gifts with family and loved ones.


HolidayDateWeek numberDays to go
Christmas Eve 2018December 24, 2018 Monday52-
Christmas Eve 2019December 24, 2019 Tuesday5295
Christmas Eve 2020December 24, 2020 Thursday52461
Christmas Eve 2021December 24, 2021 Friday51826
Christmas Eve 2022December 24, 2022 Saturday511191
Christmas Eve 2023December 24, 2023 Sunday511556
Christmas Eve 2024December 24, 2024 Tuesday521922
Christmas Eve 2025December 24, 2025 Wednesday522287
Christmas Eve 2026December 24, 2026 Thursday522652
Christmas Eve 2027December 24, 2027 Friday513017
Christmas Eve 2028December 24, 2028 Sunday513383
Christmas Eve 2029December 24, 2029 Monday523748
Christmas Eve 2030December 24, 2030 Tuesday524113
Christmas Eve 2031December 24, 2031 Wednesday524478
Christmas Eve 2032December 24, 2032 Friday524844

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