Canberra Day 2014, 2015 and onwards

Canberra Day : Second Monday in March

Canberra Day is a local public holiday that is observed annually on the second Monday in March in the Australian Capital Territory. On this day the official naming of Canberra on 12 March 1913 is celebrated.


In the late 19th century 6 independently governed states decided to create a federation in order to address issues that mattered the entire nation. This federation process led to the constitution of Australia that bacame valid in 1901. The new federal state required a capital. At that time there were only two big cities in Australia: Melbourne and Sydney. Both cities campaigned to become the new capital but the rivalry between them was so big that eventually the government decided upon a compromise. A new capital was to be created between Sydney and Melbourne. After evaluating various options the current location was chosen. During an official ceremony on 12 March 1913 the city was officially named Canberra.


Canberra Day is not the only public holiday in Australia that is observed on the second Monday in March. The holiday coincides with the March Public Holiday (commonly known as Adelaide Cup Day) that is celebrated in South Australia, the Eight Hours Day observed in Tasmania and Labour Day held in Victoria.


HolidayDateWeek numberDays to go
Canberra Day 2014March 10, 2014 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2015March 9, 2015 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2016March 14, 2016 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2017March 13, 2017 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2018March 12, 2018 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2019March 11, 2019 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2020March 9, 2020 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2021March 8, 2021 Monday10-
Canberra Day 2022March 14, 2022 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2023March 13, 2023 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2024March 11, 2024 Monday11-
Canberra Day 2025March 10, 2025 Monday11287
Canberra Day 2026March 9, 2026 Monday11651
Canberra Day 2027March 8, 2027 Monday101015
Canberra Day 2028March 13, 2028 Monday111386

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