Buy Nothing New 2021, 2022 and onwards

Buy Nothing New : October

The Buy Nothing New Month is a global movement for conscious consumption that has its roots in Melbourne, Australia. The movement was initiated based on the results of a poll that was organised in 2011 by the newspaper the Melbourne Herald. In this poll 82% of the 10.000 respondents answered "yes" to the question if the "Buy Nothing New Month" was a good idea.


The movement encourages people to rethink their buying habits: "do I really need this product?, are there alternatives?, can I borrow it from friends or family. Rethinking shopping behaviour can help to shift from consumption to community. In order to raise awareness for their cause, the movement has chosen the month October as "Buy Nothing New Month". The initiative has spread to the Netherlands and the USA.


Another moment for conscious consumption is Buy Nothing Day, which occurs on the Last Saturday in November.



HolidayDateWeek numberDays to go
Buy Nothing New 2021October 1, 2021 Friday39-
Buy Nothing New 2022October 1, 2022 Saturday39338
Buy Nothing New 2023October 1, 2023 Sunday39703
Buy Nothing New 2024October 1, 2024 Tuesday401069
Buy Nothing New 2025October 1, 2025 Wednesday401434
Buy Nothing New 2026October 1, 2026 Thursday401799
Buy Nothing New 2027October 1, 2027 Friday392164
Buy Nothing New 2028October 1, 2028 Sunday392530
Buy Nothing New 2029October 1, 2029 Monday402895
Buy Nothing New 2030October 1, 2030 Tuesday403260
Buy Nothing New 2031October 1, 2031 Wednesday403625
Buy Nothing New 2032October 1, 2032 Friday403991
Buy Nothing New 2033October 1, 2033 Saturday394356
Buy Nothing New 2034October 1, 2034 Sunday394721
Buy Nothing New 2035October 1, 2035 Monday405086

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October 2021

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