Buy Nothing Day 2017, 2018 and onwards

Buy Nothing Day Australia : Last Saturday in November

Buy Nothing Day in Australia is observed annually on the last Saturday of November just after Thanksgiving in the US/Canada and Black Friday (observed in many countries). It is an international day of protest against overconsumption. The cradle of Buy Nothing Day is in Vancouver, Canada. The founding father of this day is artist Ted Dave who initiated the day back in 1992 for the first time. The idea was picked up by Adbusters Magazine who then supported the initiative subsequently. Buy Nothing Day has now participation in over 65 countries, Australia being one of them.


In Australia there is another movement promoting conscious consumer behaviour: "Buy Nothing New". The movement encourages people to overthink their options before buying something new. The campaign runs during the month October. More information on: Buy Nothing New Australia.


HolidayDateWeek numberDays to go
Buy Nothing Day 2017November 25, 2017 Saturday47-
Buy Nothing Day 2018November 24, 2018 Saturday47305
Buy Nothing Day 2019November 30, 2019 Saturday48676
Buy Nothing Day 2020November 28, 2020 Saturday481040
Buy Nothing Day 2021November 27, 2021 Saturday471404
Buy Nothing Day 2022November 26, 2022 Saturday471768
Buy Nothing Day 2023November 25, 2023 Saturday472132
Buy Nothing Day 2024November 30, 2024 Saturday482503
Buy Nothing Day 2025November 29, 2025 Saturday482867
Buy Nothing Day 2026November 28, 2026 Saturday483231
Buy Nothing Day 2027November 27, 2027 Saturday473595
Buy Nothing Day 2028November 25, 2028 Saturday473959
Buy Nothing Day 2029November 24, 2029 Saturday474323
Buy Nothing Day 2030November 30, 2030 Saturday484694
Buy Nothing Day 2031November 29, 2031 Saturday485058

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